SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Southampton, Hampshire

Frustrated that visitors cannot find your web site on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN?

You need your site to be found. Ayunia's methodology guarantees improved site rankings or a full refund.

This is what we do:

  • Research: keywords, key phrases and to gain a general understanding of the traffic volumes for search terms relevant to your business. Research is also carried out for additional areas of the site, such as locations, sectors etc. Competitor links are also analysed.
  • Check: at least 80 different items including content, design methodology, navigation, images, links, etc.
  • Report: our findings and propose improvements. We are happy to work with your current web designer if you wish.
  • Implement: improvements your web site if required.
  • Monitor: the performance of your web site on major search engines
  • On-going optimisation: tweaking your web-site on a regular basis to increase potential business.


Challenge Ayunia at 02380 988 288 or 0845 0514564 - we are committed to helping potential customers find your business.


Ayunia SEO Track Record on Google UK

Alexander Christian Solicitors

SEO Track Record on Google UK

Olives Direct

olives - 5
olives online - 1

Busikids Ltd

hedge end day care - 1
hedge end nursery - 1
west end day care - 1
southampton day care - 4


wholesale christmas lights - 3
bespoke christmas lights - 1
connectable led lighting - 3
commercial christmas lights - 6